Salesforce Optimization Tool

Make the most out of your Salesforce CRMwith daily reminders, follow-ups, and simplified retargeting

Stay on top of opportunemarketing moments

With Work Day Architect, there is no more keeping track of when your past clients might benefit from a refinance, when they might be looking for a new home, or when mortgage events like an ARM adjustment period is coming up.

We utilize cutting edge services and Salesforce monitoring to tell you exactly when the best time to reach out for a refinance would be, when that first adjustment period is coming up; even when your past clients might be the most likely to move.

Never lose track ofimportant client dates

It's always best to stay top of past clients' minds, and one of the best ways to do that is by reaching out to celebrate events like their birthday or the anniversary of their loan closing. Not only does this come as a surprise, but lets them know that you cared about them through the largest purchase of their life.

Work Day Architect provides you not only with alerts for both birthdays and loan anniversaries while giving you the ability to call or email them with the click of a button, but we can also use a third-party integration to automatically send them a birthday postcard in the mail. So even if you miss the chance to reach out in person, they'll still receive a positive message on their special day.

Automatically stay proactiveagainst losing past clients

Would you like to know when your past clients are having their credit pulled to potentially purchase or refi through another lender? We've got you covered there too. With the integration that Total Mortgage has created between Work Day Architect and Equifax, you'll be able to know the moment that a past client gets a credit pull.

We'll automatically begin a drip email campaign to reach out to them proactively, and you'll be able to take back their business once they follow up. Rather just talk to them in person? With any of our alerts in Work Day Architect, you can easily circumvent any one of our automatic drip emails with the click of a button to keep the business all in your own hands.