Video Examples

Use the power of video to better connect with your customers and realtors.

LO Intros

With the growth of technology, some borrowers may never meet their loan officer. This is where the power of video comes in. Featured on your banker’s page, an introduction video highlights who you are as a person and as a mortgage professional.

Questions cover how you got into the industry, favorite parts of the job, and what differentiates you from other loan officers.

Film time: 15-20min
Run time: 1-3min

LO Social

It’s important to have an online presence, and posting short, informational videos on social can help establish yourself as an educator to potential borrowers. We can film a series of these videos in one shoot, giving you a collection to post periodically on social media.

Popular topics cover getting pre-approved, advice for first-time homebuyers, heroes’ programs, and how to improve your credit score.

Film time: 5min
Run time: 30sec-1min

Realtor/LO Resource

These videos are a discussion between you and your realtor partner, and provide educational content to your audience. Since it’s informational, there is no cost involved, making it a great way to provide value to your referral partner and market yourself as an industry expert.

Popular conversations include getting pre-approved, mortgage do’s and don’ts, tips for first-time homebuyers, or anything prevalent to your businesses.

Film time: 15-20min
Run time: 2-5min

Realtor Intro

We’ll create an introduction video for your realtor partner that they can feature on their website, promote on social media, or send to potential clients. Our videographers will conduct an interview, focusing on how they got into real estate, what types of buyers/sellers they work with, and what they can provide to clients.

To comply with RESPA, costs range from $110-167, depending on branding.

Film time: 15-20min
Run time: 1-3min

Realtor Social

Social media videos are a great way to provide quick tips to clients. Our team can film a number of videos in one shoot so your realtor can periodically release them on social.

For realtors, past topics have included spring-cleaning tips, how to prepare a home for sale, and communicating with tenants. To comply with RESPA, costs range from $65-98/video, depending on branding.

Film time: 5min
Run time: 30 sec-1min