we've taken the world's top CRMand designed it for mortgage

plan your dayand boost youreffectiveness

Master your follow-up and prioritization with Work-day Architect, Total Mortgage's daily follow-up planner. Everyday, our bots will crawl your Salesforce database and cherrypick the top leads, closed customers, and realtors you should follow up with, then present them to you in a prioritized view via email and on your home screen.

manage yourpipeline andmarketing

Salesforce's flexible pipeline views, visual reporting, and real-time remindsers make great loan officers even better. Whether you want to segment your customer database, forecast your production, or modify the marketing being sent to a customer, you're only just a few clicks away.

superchargeyour productionwith extra leads

Each of our Salesforce users is eligible to receive leads everyday. Our lead scoring mechanism assigns top-tier leads directly to LOs, while our dialers take the time to call and profile all other leads. After they're profiled, leads called by the dialers will be live transferred to eligible loan officers. These extra leads and transfers will supercharge your production, and give you strong referrals to present to your real estate partners.