Loan Officer Website

Attract and Convert More Customers

Say goodbye to outdated loan officer bio pages. Each loan officer at Total Mortgage is equipped with an immersive website engineered to help you attract and convert more customers.

Your fully optimized loan officer website is designed to help you rank at the top of the Google search results, and is equipped with over 40 pages of content to provide value to customers at each stage of the intent lifecycle. Website visitors are easily able to find what they need, and are funneled to action seemlessly through seven different lead generation paths.

Lead Generation Paths:

  • Full Application (1003)
  • MyMortgage Account Registration
  • Quick Apply Completion
  • Contact Form Submission
  • Phone Call
  • Calculator Payment Inquiry
  • Landing Page Submission

Set Yourself
Apart Online

Pages Include:


  • Homepage with Video
  • Rates & Loan Pages
  • Resources Page with 30+ Ebooks
  • Mortgage Calculators
  • Recruiting Portal


  • Resources with 3 Ebooks
  • About Total Mortgage
  • GreenLight & OnTrack
  • Refer a buyer

Strengthen & Monetize Your Realtor Relationships

Real estate agent partnerships are the backbone of any succesful loan officer. In addition to the full suite of tools available for customers, your loan officer website includes a full realtor hub, consisting of an "about" page, educational pages, ebooks, and a "refer a buyer" page.

Realtors are also granted access to our MyMortgage experience, which gives them transparency into their referral pipeline, including the ability to view loan status, alers, and important events. Realtors are even able to collaborate in a messaging panel on the loan file.

MyMortgage for Realtors:

  • Pipeline View of Referred Buyers
  • Status Updates on Buyer Loan Progression
  • Loan-level View with Status, Events, and Notifications
  • Key Statistics about Pipeline and Commissions
  • Loan-level Collaboration via Messaging Panel