Marketing Automation

Text and Email Automation that Converts

The average open rate for an email is 20%. That statistic doesn’t even factor in responses.

With over a 40% average response rate, our text and email marketing will help you engage and convert more customers than ever before. Our secret? Segmentation and relevance. We’ve engineered our marketing automation to hit our customers at the right time, through the right medium, with the right message – and the results are staggering.

Our Secrets to Customer Engagement

  • Don’t rely solely on email. Many borrowers prefer to be texted.
  • Introduce the LO and brand early and often. Familiarity builds with frequency.
  • Personalize messages through rigorous customer segmentation.
  • Time outreach intelligently. Look at analytics and message people when they’re most likely to engage.

Throughout the
Customer Lifecycle

Stay Top of Mind Throughout the Borrower Journey

Many drip email campaigns in the mortgage industry break the customer’s journey into three main parts – lead, customer in process, and closed customer, which leaves many customers feeling disengaged.

By dissecting the customer journey into its core emotions and narrowing from there, we are able to maximize each message’s impact and make the process feel incredibly personal to a borrower – increasing loyalty, repeat, and referral rates.

Our High-Level Customer Journey:

  • Interest (new lead or referral)
  • Engagement (contacted customer)
  • Commitment (application completed)
  • Excitement (property found, process started)
  • Anticipation (processing until clear to close)
  • Elation (clear to close until closing)
  • Gratification (closing onward)